Tuesday, December 20, 2005

silly quiz

1. Current age? 33 as of September 15th
2. How old were you when you got married? 32. kinda old for a first marriage I guess. It's his first marriage as well and he was 37.
3. How old were you when you had your first child? don't have any kids yet
4. How many children do you have? as i said, none, but I think I'd like 2. A big family would be really great but we're getting too old for that and kids are expensive!
5. Do you intend to have more kids? we'd like to have a kid, but not for 5 years and who knows if nature will cooperate when I'm 38 ;)
6. Any grandchildren? nope, my younger sister will probably be a grandma before I'm even a mom ;p
7. What is your fondest memory of your childhood? Waking up to the sound of pans rattling in the kitchen on Sunday morning and smelling breakfast cooking.
8. Did you know all your grandparents? Only my mother's parents. I didn't know my paternal grandparents because my mom and real father divorced when I was 5.
9. What is your first memory? First really clear memory was when I was 2. I had a chalk board eisle type thing set up in my closet and I played with it for hours.
10. What was your fav childhood toy? Henry, a stuffed dog that was given to me when I was born. I still have him.
11. Do you have collections? If so, what do you collect?rocks and seashells,flamingos, mini snowglobes, willowtree figurines, fairies, I used to collect anything related to figure skating but I sold most of it to help finance our wedding.
12. How many times have you been married? just once and it will be the only one, I waited FOREVER to find the right guy! :)
13. Do you have any aches or pains? Yes, my knees are both messed up and I have alot of problems with my feet as well.
15. Do you need reading glasses?nope
16. Are you ready for a wheelchair? nah, I'm only 33!
17. Bad habits? biting my cuticles, not exercising or eating right, procrastinating, being too sensitive, not believing in myself, ugh too many bad habits to list them all.
18. Something you did at a younger age that you don't do now? 100 sit ups in less than a minute, riding an exercise bike 3 hrs everyday, love someone that wasn't good for me.
19. Something you do now that you never did before? occasionally drink Coke(I'm a pepsi girl), eat spinach and broccoli, walk to the beach, share myself and my more creative side with others.
20. Ever want a divorce, but backed out?no, but with my first love I wanted to end things with him more than once but then stuck it out because I felt I had made a commitment and owed it to him. Then he dumped me! :)
21. Ever cheat on your spouse? no, never even cheated on a boyfriend. I'm pretty loyal.
22. What do you think of kids these days? I spent many years working with kids and it's been my experience that alot of parents don't have the time, energy, or skills to set boundaries for their kids or give them the attention that they need and kids act out in response to that lack of direction and attention . All kids start out great, it's the adults around them that can screw them up.
23. Do you think children spend too much on the net? I think they spend too much time doing inactive things like playing on the computer, watching tv, or playing computer games. There entertainment is being spoonfed to them which I think can lead to a lack of imagination and ability to entertain themselves.
24. Do you think children spend too much time thinking up taggie thingies for people to place in their journals? nah.
31. Do you get offended when someone says ma'am or sir? nope.
32. Do you get offended because you are no longer carded? I was carded about a year ago.
33. Remember 8 tracks? yes,but only from early childhood. I never owned any.
35. How often do you get on the floor on your knees to find lost pots in the back of the kitchen cabinets, and cuss because you need a flashlight to help the search? Never, but I grumble cause my knees ache and it's hard getting back up.
36. Which minivan do you prefer? not a minivan kinda person
37. Ever run over someone who took a handicap parking space and didn't need to? I loathe people who do that and it's pretty common practice out herey

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