Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Just realized that it's been a quite awhile since I updated my journal here. There isn't much that's incredibly exciting to write about. I'm happy and my husband is wonderful. Had my wisdom teeth removed a few weeks ago and he took two days off of work simply to baby me. Pretty nice guy. I've begun putting out feelers for jobs. Not a real job hunt yet but starting to get my feet in the water a bit. Had an interview with an office staffing agency and applied to work with the YMCA's child care program. Wish I could find my ideal job but I'm not quite sure what that would be :).

My birthday is coming up soon, Sept. 15th. I'll be 33. It's kind of strange to be so far away from my family on my birthday. I have no regrets over moving here but I do miss my family, particularly at times like this. It will be nice to spend my birthday with J though. I doubt we'll do anything special but just being with him is always good.

Most enjoyable moment from the past month was probably Sunday evening playing in the ocean with my husband and watching the sunset. But we have so many great moments together that it's hard to pick just one. I also adore sitting on a bench with him in San Clemente eating ice cream and making up gossip about all the people that pass by on the street. Heck even when we disagree and are crabby with eachother it's still better to be with him than it was on my best day with any other man. I'm lucky.

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