Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Our first married Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

My day was lovely. Every day with my husband is romantic and special. The joy of being newlyweds! :) Seriously though every moment I spend thinking of him fills me with sunshine, hearts and flowers so I don't really need a special day to celebrate our romance. I do it with every breath I take. Still it was pretty nice to have him make such a fuss over me.

I really wasn't expecting anything other than having a nice dinner out. My husband isn't one that loves to plan things and preffers things to be easygoing and spontaneous so I was very surprised when he arrived home with a giant bouquet of lillies (one of my favorite flowers!) and told me we were going to picnic by the beach. He whisked me out the door and to our favorite pizza place where we picked up the pizza and headed to the beach. We found a picnic table with a gorgeous view of the coastline and the ocean (right at sunset no less) and he proceeded to pull out the picnic table cover that we used on our first picnic together a year ago. I was surprised since I thought it was packed away in storage! He actually planned ahead for our picnic! I was very impressed. Halfway through the meal he made me close my eyes and then gave me a DVD of my favorite childhood cartoon G-Force and the first two seasons of Northern Exposure (one of my favorite tv shows). I admit I cried. It was just so thoughtful that he even KNEW what my favorite cartoon and tv shows were, much less went out and found DVD's of them for me. Plus, he never has any free time to go shopping so he had to have done it on his lunch hour. What a sweetheart! And all I got for him was a balloon bouquet and 250 chocolate kisses. I'm gonna have to go all out for his birthday in March. He's earned something extra special. Every day he's so amazingly good to me.

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