Thursday, February 3, 2005

I wish I could capture with my camera all the amazingly beautiful moments that I experience every day. Unfortunately my knowledge of photography (nonexistent) limits me. :( Maybe over time I'll improve.

Feeling very quiet and introverted today. Not depressed or anything. Just as if I'd like to snuggle up in my very own little nest and ignore the rest of the universe, with the exception of my lovely husband of course. He's always allowed in my nest!

Speaking of the husband, he's taking off work tomorrow to spend the day with me, no reason, just because. He has a bunch of vacation time and decided to take advantage of it to be with me. We'll probably spend the day catching up on errands we didn't do last weekend while we were off being romantic, but even doing errands with him is fun. I'm sickeningly happy aren't I? I'm sure there are married people reading this and rolling their eyes thinking "Get back to me in 10 years and we'll see if you're still so sappy about marriage"LOL. I hope I will be. I waited so long to find the right guy so I really really appreciate the happiness I've found. A figure skater that I admire (Katia Gordeeva) said something that stuck with me after the death of her husband at the age of 28. "Life is a gift. YOu have to appreciate it now. YOu never know what tomorrow is gonna bring." I know it probably says something about me being a worry wart or a pessimist but always in the back of my mind is the fact that tragedy happens all the time. I want to know I loved completely and when my time here is over I don't want regrets that I didn't say I love you often enough, or didn't appreciate all the great things in my life.

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