Tuesday, January 18, 2005

There is just not enough time in the day, despite the fact that I'm doing the whole stay at home housewife thing at the moment. I never seem to get done everything I need to, or even a big portion of what I need to do. Oddly enough, I use to get more done when I was working. I suppose when you know you have a completely free day, and week, that it's just too easy to procrastinate and put off doing things. Instead of answering emails, writing letters, studying for my drivers test, or doing anything productive I spend the largest portion of my time just browsing aimlessly on the computer or puttering about here at DA. I'm a lazy, lazy girl!

I've been amazingly clumsy the past few weeks. No clue why, but suddenly I'm dropping things, tripping, knocking things off shelves and basically behaving like a walking disaster. John has taken to calling me Calamity Jane. I've always been a bit clutsy but this past month it's been extreme! I feel like I'm jinxed :)

Tomorrow I shall be more productive. I'll make a list of things to do and then actually DO THEM. So, if anyone reading this is owed a letter you can expect it tomorrow. I promise!

I'm enjoying married life very much. Eighteen whole days married. 2000+ to go!!! :) I hope we'll still be as happy in 60 years as we are now. I can't imagine how I got through life without him.

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