Sunday, January 2, 2005

Just Married

As of 7 o'clock this evening I've had a new name and a husband. I'm a married woman!! Now I get to be with John forever. I'm so lucky.

The wedding was wonderful. It all went very smoothly and just as we planned. We did our photographs early in the day at scenic spots near the Gateway Arch and in Union Station (since that's where we met in person for the first time). Our wedding and reception were held in a hotel about a half an hour from my parents house. It was a small wedding, just about 45 people, all family. My grandma was able to come out of the hospital for the wedding which made me really happy. I couldn't imagine getting married without her there. She's been sick an awful lot lately, heart problems mainly. It was wonderful having her there. I only wish my grandpa could have been there too. Both of my parents walked me down the aisle and my brother and sister were my attendents. John's parents and sister stood up with him. We had a very personalized ceremony with our own vows and a handfasting ceremony, which was my favorite part. During the reception while everyone was eating we played a video that John had made featuring family photos set to music. It was so sweet. My husband looked VERY handsome in his tux. hehe, I now get to say MY HUSBAND. Tomorrow we board a train for California and I start my new life. I'm going to miss my family very, very much. Especially my Mom, Brother, Sister and Grandma. Not to mention my nephews! I just try not to think about that and instead focus on the good things. I finally get to be with John every single day!!! I'm so happy.

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