Monday, January 31, 2005

great weekend

I highly recommend Michael Buble' s version of Crazy little thing called love. It's a great little song, bouncy big band. Have I mentioned I'm a lover of big band and swing?

I took my husband away to a hotel for the weekend. Not very far away in miles but in mood it was a million miles from here. We just completely relaxed and let go of the workday worries. We swam in the hotel pool and played in the jacuzzi (first time swimming together, first time for both of us in a jacuzzi), ordered pizza delivered to our hotel room and watched cable. Slept late the next morning and wandered around disneyland all day eating yummy snacks and a wonderful lasagna dinner. It was just lovely. Sadly, I forgot the cam corder and hardly took any pictures, though John got one or two of us in the pool and a few other snapshots.

Oops, almost forgot to mention that the hubby bought me the coolest Tinkerbell wall mirror and a Tinkerbell ball cap that lights up and flashes. :) We nearly bought me a PowerPuff girl watch that was really really cool (HE's a fan of PPG, so they make me think of him). I'm not a greedy or superficial person but I have to admit I love it when he buys me little things like that. It makes me feel special, also it's a far cry from the way I've always lived my life. Money was tight and I tend to be a little bit too thrifty so splurges on things like this NEVER happened. He makes me relax and just enjoy things. Obviously still adoring him! :)

We tried champagne with our lasagna dinner last night, aoubt half a sip each. Yuck! We were both reminded of why we don't drink. Neither of us like the taste. It's great to find someone that fits you so well.

I need to run off and write emails to everyone back in Missouri. I do miss my family but no homesickness, thank goodness.

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