Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Counting down the days

Two weeks from today I will be snuggled in a bed with my new husband, traveling on a westbound train. Sounds delicious. I'm going to be a married woman!!! It seems so weird and wonderful. Weirdly wonderful. Never really thought I'd find a man I adored enough to marry and spend my whole life with. This is all pretty amazing to me. I have never felt more right than when I'm with him. I feel like my true self has been set free. Guess that's the way it's suppose to be in a good relationship but seeing as this is my first good relationship it's all very new and occasionally overwhelming. Hence the gushing I tend to do. Probably gets a little annoying for anyone reading my journal but when you're as happy as I am you just can't help but gush about it. And to think that all this happiness occured simply from a random encounter on line. But then I don't really believe it was random. I think we were always meant to be together. As I said, there is just a rightness when we're together. We took a really long time finding eachother but it certainly paid off.

Excuse me for a bit. He's ringing my phone as I type :)

This will be my last entry before the wedding on New Year's Day. I'm incredibly excited about the next two weeks. I'm really looking forward to the Christmas holidays with my family. I didn't get a single Christmas card this year from anybody. Maybe they decided not to bother since they'll be giving me cards at the wedding. :) Which reminds me that I didn't send out cards either. It's just been so hectic with all the wedding plans.

Basically I just wanted to update to say how excited I am about the wedding and the holidays. Maybe I'll have more interesting things to write after the new year,lol! John will be here the day after Christmas and I can barely wait. I've missed him so much but soon we'll never be apart again. I'm gleeful.

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