Sunday, August 29, 2004

A week with john, BLISS!!

He'll be here tomorrow. It's odd to think we're engaged and have only had 4 visits together. Some people would feel that wasn't enough. If I were an outsider looking in I might be jaded enough to wonder if we were rushing things. I know that we aren't. I'm not the impulsive, irresponsible type. I'm not the kind to rush into things. I've known even since before John and I met in person that he was the man I've been looking for forever. Everyone always says you just know when it's right. Such a cliche, but as with many cliches, it's true. I'm generally a cautious person and always second guessing myself or looking for hidden angles and problems that usually don't exist. In the case of my relationship with John I've never had a single doubt that we were suppose to be with eachother. He's my other half.

The wedding is set for January 1st, 2005; just a little over 4 months away. I've already begun shipping my things out to him. He's been so incredibly sweet about fixing up the bedroom for me and putting some of the things I've shipped around the room. He's even completely rearranged the furniture, bought a new blanket for the bed and is willing to paint the whole room. How sweet is that? He's been eager to make the wedding plans, even more so than I have been actually. He's made me feel very loved and wanted, but then he always does. I'm a lucky woman.

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