Thursday, March 25, 2004

Vacation with John summary

I had the most amazing time on vacation. J was incredible and planned a really wonderful trip. The first two days we stayed in his local area of Dana Point in a great hotel right on the ocean. We had an excellent view of the Harbor and spent our first evening together cuddling on a bench with a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. Talk about romantic. The second day I went with him on a whale watching excursion with his parents and two of his siblings and their families. It was cool to get to meet his family and be introduced as "the girlfriend". J's a really private person and generally doesn't share his business with people so being introduced to the family was a HUGE step for us, practically a declaration of commitment :),lol. That evening we strolled the board walk and did window shopping in Laguna Beach, which I really loved. Sunday we drove through Newport Beach (home of the O.C tv show) and made our way to Long Beach where we were going to stay on the old ocean liner, The Queen Mary. Talk about an amazing place to stay! I fell in love with the ship and our room which was quite romantic and had a view from the portholes to Long Beach Harbor and a wonderful deep bathtub with hot and cold running fresh and SALT water. We had dinner in Downtown Disney at a really nice restaurant called The Rainforest Club where we were serenaded by a really good spanish guitar band and I bought their cd. We decided then that we'd like to visit Disneyland together, which John had asked me to do before coming out but I hadn't thought I'd want to. Now I wanted to, so we added it to our itinerary. Spent the evening watching Love Actually and cuddling up together in the extremely comfortable bed on board the Queen Mary. Monday we spent strolling along Santa Monica pier and then wandering around downtown Los angeles and Hollywood. John seems to know his way around everywhere! We visited the Graummans Chinese theater and took pics of the stars footprints. We went up to the Hollywood reservoir and took our picture with the Hollywood Sign. It was an exciting and utterly exhausting day and I completely crashed as soon as we hit the hotel bed that night. Tuesday we headed down to San Diego to Sea World. I got to feed and pet a dolphin and a stingray. We watched all the animal shows and had a lovely time. John bought me a fleece jacket with dolphins on it. We stayed at a Holiday inn in downtown san diego but weren't very pleased with it since it was spring break and lots of kids hung out in the parking lot all night being really loud. The next day we ran around San Deigo, visiting old town where John bought me a necklace(talk about being spoiled!), and riding a trolley through Gas Lamp Quarter. Thursday was our desert day. We headed to a ghost town called Calico out near Palm Springs (about a 4 hour drive). The scenery on the drive was really gorgeous but I wasn't especially impressed with the town. We spent the night in Palm Springs and had a great dinner at a restaurant called Billy Reed's that had wonderful atmosphere. The next day (Friday) we decided to go up the tram in Palm Springs to an observation platform 8,500 feet up the side of the mountain. It was cool to leave the desert which was already 90 degrees at 10 am and head up to the top the mountain which was covered in snow. When we finished there we went back towards the coast to visit Disneyland. His parents had insisted on paying for a two day pass to the amusement parks in Anaheim so we visited CALifornia Adventures on Friday and Disneyland Saturday. I loved California adventures where I discovered a passion for rollercoasters and had tinkerbell painted on my face. Disneyland on Saturday was exciting but much too crowded. We didn't ride much except the Haunted Mansion ride and we saw the Snow White show. I was already feeling down because it was my last full day with John and I didn't want to have to leave the next day. We ended up leaving after the Fantasmic show and going to our hotel room to cuddle and talk. It was a good talk :). He loves me. :D :D. Sunday was basically just a dash to the airport and the wait for the plane. I had to fight tears the whole time. John was really sweet and supportive. I hated leaving him. I could easily see myself just staying with him forever. We fit together so well.

So, all in all I had the best time of my life and fell even more madly in love than I already was. It's going to drive me NUTS being apart from him now. I don't think I'll survive 6 whole months without seeing him (he's scheduled to come here for Labor day again) We may have to make a visit sooner than that. The more I'm with him, the more I want to be with him always. I think it's a mutual feeling.

Oh, I almost forgot a great part of the visit. I got to spend time with him at the stables helping to groom his horse and even riding! I'd never been near a horse before so it was exciting. Also, she's been a part of his life for nearly 15 years so it was cool to get a glimpse into his regular routine by visiting his horse each day just like he always does.

I have left out tons of wonderful things about our vacation I'm sure but I think you get the basic idea. John was incredibly sweet and romantic and he spoiled me rotten. We both had a really great time together. I think we're even more in love now. Over all, it surpassed my wildest fantasies!

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