Thursday, February 5, 2004

    My car radiator has a leak so I've had to scrounge rides all week to work. Today I couldn't find one because the weather peopele were hyping this massive snow/ice storm and my usual rides decided they didn't want to risk being out in it. GRRRR. I hate being dependent.

    My love life is wonderful. *sighs contentedly* Since J and I made plans to vacation together in March things have gotten even more cozy and comfortable between us, if that's possible :). I feel so secure and happy. He's incredibly sweet to me and always funny and charming. I sound completely enamoured with him don't I? I won't deny it :D. I just finished making his valentine's gifts. They aren't much really but I put a bit of time into them and lots of love. Hopefully he'll like it. A couple of days ago we were browsing on ebay together and I sent him this link to a ridiculously expensive engagement ring and joked that he could get me it for Valentine's day. He's been teasing me about it since then. I SOOOO don't want a ring like that! I'm not into expensive jewelry and besides I'd want something he picked out on his own, something unique and personal. And I don't expect a ring at all, it was just a joke. Still the fact that he didn't freak out over my mentioning an engagement is a positive sign I think ;). He's the only man that I have ever imagined growing old with. I know an engagement or marriage is a long way off in the future but it's a very nice thought.

    I desperately need to clean and reorganize my room. I'm tired of clutter and have slowly been downsizing everything, getting rid of lots of stuff, over the past few months. I definitely need to sort my books and store some of them away. I have a tiny bedroom and it's just over flowing with stuff. I need my space to be more organized, serene, and uncluttered. I feel more centered and in control that way. I should be cleaning now instead of playing around on line.

    Instead of being good and decluttering my room I'm probably going to go and browse websites. I need new underthings and sleepwear. Clothes for spring as well. Too bad I'm broke! ;).

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