Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Just a quick update, as usual. HI EVERYONE!

Everything is going pretty smoothly, with the exception of my diet which isn't coming along fast enough in my opinion but at least I'm trying. I should make my minimum lost goal of 10lbs for the month. I haven't been very good about exercising but I decided to change that yesterday and work out at least each night. I will try to get more exercise during the day as well. I got one of those pedometer things and they say a person should take at least 10,000 steps a day (equivalent of about 5 miles) and I found out on an average day I take about 2500. Can you say sedentary office worker. UGH. Gotta do something about that. I think I can officially say I've given up soda and carbonated drinks. I haven't had any since New Years Eve and despite a couple of very brief cravings I haven't missed it at all. I feel very pleased. It's a small thing to conquer but it gives me faith that I can go on to conquer my bigger demons of exercising and following a healthy diet. It's the small steps that build up to the big journey, right?

Joyful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J and I set a date for me to come and visit him. March 12 until the 21st I will spend with him. I'm so happy and excited. I can't wait to be with him. Plus I've never been on a plane, never had a vacation and never been more than 200 miles from home. NOw I'll be 1600 miles away, and with the man I love. I'm thrilled. I want to leave tomorrow! :) :)

K, gotta run off to work. It's bitter cold here. Yesterday 11 degrees when I left for work, today a toasty warm 19 degrees (yes, sarcasm). See ya later.

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