Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Christmas is coming

I'm doing wonderfully well. Life is still great. I am still blissfully adoring J and being loved quite well in return. Isn't that just disgusting?LOL. Seriously though, things just seem to get better between us. Sharing my life with him just feels so right. I feel very blessed to have fallen in love with someone that I like so much, who challenges and supports me while allowing me to be my own person. I feel like every day I'm learning to be a better person and yet I feel like I'm just becoming more and more myself, if that makes any sense at all. It isn't easy being apart from him at Christmas though. The holidays are suppose to be spent with the people you love but the person I love most is over 1,000 miles away. :( If I could have any wish at Christmas it would just be that we could spend the day together. I know it can't happen but it's something I like to think about. Hopefully next year we won't be apart.

Nothing much exciting to report. Work is fine. My family is fine. On Sunday I have to meet my real father's family. I'm not really that into the idea. I'm not a social person by any stretch of the imagination and I hate wasting my time on small talk and chatting with people I know I won't keep up with. My life is full enough. I don't want to add a bunch of new people into the mix. I have a big enough challenge just making sure I give enough time to the people already a part of my world. It will probably go fine and be a pleasant afternoon. Maybe I'll even discover someone that I could really bond with and get close to, who knows? I'm trying to keep an open mind. I'm sure their all nice, normal people.

Okay, I'm tired. off to chat with J and then to curl up in bed.

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