Friday, October 3, 2003

Stepping Back

I'm back
Like so many people in my online journaling family, I too have been contemplating stepping back from my journal. After all, I have J and my penpals to bare my soul to. I have a real life journal to write my ramblings and daily activities in. So why keep an on line journal?

The answer popped into my head today. For me this journal is a communion, a fellowship. It is a way to embrace and be embraced by the world. I like the idea of my thoughts and feelings and words being set free to float into the hearts of people I will never meet. I enjoy being able to step into the journals of my blurty friends and see the world through their eyes, catch a glimpse of their reality. So, basically I'm saying this place is important to me so I'm sticking around.

Probably my posting schedule will change however. I'm trying to get my life organized and use my time more effectively. I'm going to do most of my journal updating just once a week, on Sunday mornings. Of course I reserve the right to rant and ramble in my journal whenever I feel a need, but you can definitely count on a journal update at least once a week on Sundays. I'll be around daily to read and post in other people's journals as well.

Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm still alive.

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