Sunday, October 5, 2003

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I have loved only blue eyed men. The first a boy with eyes of ice blue topaz, distant and inconstant. Now, a man with eyes like the sky, embracing and protective.

I loved the way J's eyes would change when he looked at me. The color would deepen and soften from a calm summer sky to a sultry early twilight. When he looked at me like that the world disappeared.

His Eyes
Eyes like summer sky
warm with love
Promising sweet acceptance


Yesterday was cold, gray and rainy. Not the lovely wild rainstorms that sing through my soul but a monotonous refrain like a woman crying gently, sad and tender. I prefer the howling of the untamed goddess, not the weeping of a bereft maiden.


I want to be cocooned in thick soft flannel pajamas & wrapped in a shirt purloined from my guy, still retaining his scent. I want to be cozy in my own home, cooking dinner by candlelight while Andrea Boccelli sings of love in heartsearing italian and J comes up behind me to wrap his arms around me and kiss my neck. I want quiet moments of contentment and belonging.

This is the life I crave.

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