Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Wonderful Weekend

So, I arrived a half an hour late. For the record I am hardly ever late for anything but I wasn't driving. My brother drove me into the city to meet J at our hotel. We'd planned to meet at the base of the tower at Union Station at 2 pm. I actually thought J wouldd be late because he was getting a rental car at the airport and then driving into the city but I was the late one due to my brother's need for McDonalds. Anyway, I arrived at the base of the tower around 2:30 and J wasn't waiting outside but before I could start to worry that he wasn't coming he came out the doors (he'd gotten a bit tired of standing outside and went to check in at the hotel) and our 4 day weekend began. Let me announce for the official record that this weekend was INCREDIBLE and exceeded my expectations by 100% in ALL areas!

I felt a little nervous and awkward, even tongue tied, for the first hour or so. I don't think J was at all, but he's not as easy to read emotionally as I am. He always seems calm and in control. We took my bags to the hotel room and I began slowly relaxing from the moment he took my hand and held it. We didn't stay in the room but decided to head immediately to The Arch grounds to take pictures before the sun set. The weather did not cooperate with us and we got rained on. We ended up back at the hotel room an hour later, both of us pretty wet. Kissing and cuddling commenced. All I will say is that it was good. Warm, tingley feelings ran rampant.

I won't go into details of every moment of our time together because it would be too long an entry but we spent a lot of time cuddling or sight seeing, or doing both activities at the same time. We went all over the city and saw most of the important sites. We even went over into Illinois and visited Cahokia Mounds. J quickly learned that I was not going to be a reliable navigator since I knew as little about the city as he did. He was a saint and did all of the driving and never once got upset or frustrated when I managed to get us lost. We both really like to take pictures, though he is a far better photographer than I am, and we took photos EVERYWHERE. I had a really great time and I loved it when he used the timer to take pictures of us together. Snuggling up together at night, holding hands all the time, and being able to touch and kiss him whenever I wanted was the best part of the whole weekend of course. Even though his visit and the lovely hotel room were supposed to be my early birthday present he insisted on buying me something else. He's very generous natured. He suggested lots of different, wonderful things for gifts but we finally decided on shoes because my tennis shoes are awful and I need new ones. He helped me pick them out and everything. I usually hate shoe shopping because I have no clue what to buy and always end up with shoes that don't fit right but with him shoe shopping was fun. He also bought me a sweet little silver train engine charm with a tiny little St. Louis banner in honor of Union station and a cute penguin snowglobe from our visit to the zoo. He met my family briefly (which was his idea,sweet huh?). The last night of our time together I was sad that he was leaving and he let me cry on his shoulder, literally. He was so caring and supportive. It was also the first time in person that he actually said he loved me, which made me even more emotional. You have no idea how much I was hoping to hear him say that. He showed that he cared for me in a million little ways but until he looked in my eyes and said those words I was still uncertain of what he felt. We hadn't made plans on what would happen when it was time to leave, if we'd say goodbye at the hotel or what, but J asked me to go to the airport with him and we said our goodbyes and kissed. I of course did my best not to blubber like a baby. I really would have liked it if he could have stayed here forever. I could enjoy having him in my life on a daily basis.

Prepare for some seriously sappy romantic babbling now It was the best 4 days ever and I am even more in love than I thought I was before we met. Now I know the feelings are real. We met, we got along wonderfully. I felt all the chemestry and excitement and warm cozy feelings that I'd hoped would be there, plus I genuinely LIKED him. I knew from all of our conversations that he was smart and funny and a really interesting guy but that was just scratching the surface of what a wonderful and amazing person he is. It's hard to really put into words but I felt so secure and peaceful when I was with him. Normally my mind is always so busy that I feel like I'm running at high speed but with J I felt calm and centered. I didn't feel a need to chatter to pass the time or to think and over analyze every little thing in my life. I was completely content and relaxed. I could have sat quietly and held his hand for hours and would have been utterly happy. He also made me feel safe and protected. He took care of me, held me when I was upset and made me feel special and loved. I couldn't have asked for more.

Pictures will be posted as soon as I get too it.I still haven't unpacked yet! Now I'm off to chat with my favorite guy.

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