Friday, September 19, 2003

Describing J

A few days back we were all doing words we'd associate with certain people and it made me think of what words I'd use to describe J.

Non conformist, Resourceful, Sincere, Challenging,
Nurturing, Sensual, Tender, Supportive,
Generous, Capable, Trustworthy, Strong,
Honest, Original, Solid, Romantic,
Observant, Clever, Gentle, Active/ a do-er,
Thoughtful, Amusing, Loving, Sexy,
Creative, Private, Moody, Quirky, Unique, MINE

I was rereading some things I wrote. I came across a list of things I'd want my dream man to be and I swear it describes J quite perfectly. I was especially struck by these two things:

A man that sees who I really am at my core, loves me because of my faults as well
as my virtues, and forces me to always be true to myself. Someone who calls me on
any of my pretenses, supports me totally but doesn't let me get away with any crap,
especially when I'm lying to myself.

A man that I can spend hours talking with and leave wanting more.

It's so interesting to revisit your old writings, thoughts, etc. I've found what i was looking for.

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