Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Will you....

Will you still love me if I'm outrageous,outspoken, bold, bodacious, inconstant, outlandish,obscene, melancholy,superfluous, superficial and extreme?

Will you love me when I climb on my soapbox and spout my often ill informed, idealistic and even contradictory philosophies?

Will you love my silliness and eccentricities? Will you be a safe harbor for my inner truth, the me I hide from the world, my scared little girl soul?

Will you accept me?

Will you love me more the more that I am myself?

Will you grow with me as I grow, loving me for all the things about me that are different from you?

Will you love me, not in spite of my many failings and frailties but because of them?

Will you love me without labeling me?

..... this is how I will love you.


Stifled my soul can not breath. Must I fit inside a neat little box, carefully labeled and 2 dimensional? I am ever changing, please don't hold me down. My voice leaves me when I feel judged. Brittle cold empty wordless, I am not me when I am trying to earn your love. I am just mirroring you. Can I be myself, brazenly and without fear?

I am a glittering winged creature when blessed with unconditional acceptance. Allow me my wings.

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