Friday, August 1, 2003

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Now that I'm working full time I don't have as much free time for jornaling, plus all my spare time is usual spent talking with J, either on the phone or on the webcam/instant messenger. I don't really see my family as much as I should anymore either :(. I guess falling in love tends to put your focus on other things. J is actually coming here to visit me in about a month. I'm so excited about that I can hardly think straight. We'll finally know if we have real life chemistry with eachother and if we can stand eachother's little habits and quirks. Not that I have any doubts. We spend SO MUCH of our time together now that I can't imagine anything changing after we meet. If anything it will just deepen what we have, make it more commited and real.

It was a really nice day, despite the fact that J had plans and we couldn't spend any time together. I hung around the house in my pink pajamas till almost 2 this afternoon, just lounging about and being LAZY. Then I got myself all gussied up (actual eye makeup, and EVEN earrings!gasp) and I went to all my favorite places (i.e. the antique mall, barnes & noble, and Target). I spent many hours browsing, finally bought some make up and those teeth whitening strips. A lovely lady standing next to me looking at toothpaste gave me a great coupon for the strips and I saved $10 on them. Very sweet of her. I love little unexpected kindnesses like that, it renews my faith in the human race. IT's the little things that make me happy. I had one item to buy at Walmart last week and a kind man let me go in front of him in line, made me smile all day long. I'm such a dork.

It's pouring down rain outside, thundering punctuated by sporadic yet LOUD lighting strikes. I feel like taking a nice bubble bath, lighting some candles, and cuddling up to watch an old movie or read a book. I think that's how I will end my evening.

Ohhhhh, before I dash off, did I mention J's thoughtfulness? Yesterday I came home to find a package from him. Inside was a poster from the movie Giant (excellent movie, I'm a big fan of all the stars in it but especially Elizabeth Taylor ), and a poster and comic book of the 70's cartoon G-Force Battle of the planets!!!!! I mentioned to him once, early on in our chatting days that I'd loved this cartoon and that my friends in elementary school and I played G-Force everyday at recess for about 3 years. I was the princess of course :). It's one of my best childhood memories. I can't believe he remembered me mentioning that. He's really a great guy.

Now I'm off to take my bath and get all comfy. Nice relaxing day. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

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