Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Hard at work

This photo was taken at work about a month ago. See, I told you I hardly ever do anything but read :). My only duties are to answer the phones & sign for packages, both of which are rare occurences, so I'm allowed to do anything I want when I'm not busy. Mostly I read or work on a craft project. John calls me a few times a week, usually during the afternoons when he has a lunch break at his work.

I love the people I work for. They're very sweet. They aren't really in the office all that much though, maybe twice a week. The electricians sometimes pop in at different times of the day to pick up supplies or get their messages, but generally I'm alone all day. It's very quiet. The only way the job could be better is if they paid me double :). It's really not like work at all.

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