Sunday, June 22, 2003

I'm happy! :) The last three days I've been much more perky and pleasant than I was all this past week. It's nice to feel more myself again and to have more energy.

Yesterday I went out to Best Buy and used the gift card J gave me to buy an educational computer program(thank you sweetheart!:kiss:). It's suppose to help with algebra, history, english etc. I need massive amounts of help with my upcoming algebra class so I thought this might be good to have and it will be something that I can use at work that's fairly productive and not a complete waste of time. I know I'll be tempted to play with the history and english and spanish sections first so I think I might take just the algebra CD with me to work and leave the rest at home to play around with in my free time.

It was interesting looking through all the PC games. I've never played any and I'm beginning to get interested in them. I especially liked the EVERQuest software but apparently that's something you have to play on line for a fee and I don't want involved in that because I don't want to waste more money. I just want a fantasy role playing game I can do offline, preferably something where I can create a personalized character for myself and that involves fantasy or magic, maybe a dungeons and dragons sort of feel to it. I saw a set of games for something called MYST that looked interesting but I don't know if it's anything I'd like. I also saw the SIMS deluxe edition, which I know isn't fantasy but I like that you can create your own neighborhood of characters. Maybe I'll try that one. If any of you out there are into pc games and have ANY SUGGESTIONS for fun games please let me know!!! I'm going to research on line a bit before I put any money into buying a game.

YIPPEEE!! By the end of the day my bicycle should be road worthy. I promised myself awhile back that I'd get into riding and now I'm going to do it. I want an active hobby. Exercising is VERY important if I ever intend to get healthy and for me to stick with an exercise program permanently it's going to need to be something I enjoy. I always loved riding a bike. There are a lot of things that I'd enjoy trying again. Like playing tennis. Unfortunately with that I'd need a partner and no one I know will play :(. I'd like to learn to swim and to ice skate or roller blade and I'd like to take a marial arts class, but those are things way down the road. First I need to get in better shape so I can try those things and then I'll need to have money to pay for lessons. Horseback riding is also appealing to me lately. I want the changes I'm making in my life to be long term. I know that walking on a tread mill isn't going to hold my interest so I need to do things that will. I want to create a different life for myself than the one I've been living. I want to do all the things I day dreamed about but was too lazy to follow through on. My diet and exercise goals are just a small part of my plan for self improvement. I'm finally trying to create for myself the kind of life I've always wanted. To steal a favorite quote from a great writer, I am trying to "Go confidently in the direction of my dreams and live the life I have imagined." (thoreau)

Speaking of living life, I need to get off of this computer and do a bit of living. I have a room to clean and things to get done.

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