Thursday, May 1, 2003

May Day review & 3 cheers for the Frog Master

I've always loved May Day, even as a little kid. I'm not really sure why since it's not a real holiday here. When I was in kindergarten and first grade we did a Maypole and made may flower baskets but I don't think kids even do that anymore. Maybe my attraction to May Day has ties to a pagan former life :). If I were to ever plan a spring/summer wedding this would be the day I'd want to have it. It's great symbolism,Beltane being a fertitlity rite.

It's the begining of the month and that means the once a month weigh in to see how my dieting/exercising is progressing. I had a brief euphoric moment when I stepped on the scale and I'd not only achieved my goal of losing 10lbs for April, but had a bonus loss of three extra pounds. Losing 13 lbs isn't too shabby for one month. Granted, I'd prefer it to have been 20 lbs., but I'm not complaining. For once :). My euphoria wasn't long lasting though. I made the mistake of going shopping for summer clothes (browsing actually since I'm moneyless) and nothing will kill a good mood faster than seeing your body in a floor length mirror under horrific flourescent lighting. Seeing all of myself just reminded me that although I'm having a little success with self improvement I have SOOOO FAR to go. If the current weight loss trend continues it will be about a year before I'll begin to like the size of my body. But suffering through a year of hard work and hunger is better than NEVER liking to look at myself. Plus, I already feel better. Even if I hadn't lost a single pound all of the work would still be worth it because I feel more healthy. Although vanity is the main driving force behind my desire for weight loss, the ultimate goal truly is to get healthy. At one time I was fairly athletic. I'd like to rediscover my inner athlete :).

Poor J. has had a busy day at work. Although we exchanged a few notes we weren't able to meet up for a chat. I missed him but it's too be expected that we won't always have the time we'd like to have to hang out with eachother. He's not home yet. I hope he's not still working and that he's just out running his usual errands. I also hope he finds time to eat. He's probably going to be exhausted by the time he drags himself in. Wish I could hug him.

My oldest nephew has started to make friends. Apparently he and a few other boys have started a club devoted to FROGS. They catch them, play with them, talk about them etc. And my nephew was voted FROG MASTER :) :). 8 year old boys are the cutest things in the world. At least this 8 year old boy is.

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