Wednesday, May 28, 2003

got a job

Time for an update. I'm getting really lazy about posting, mainly because I spend so much time jabbering to J that I end up all talked out and have no energy to post. I'll work on being better though.

I got a job. Finally!!! The place I interviewed for last week called me back today and hired me. The pay isn't good but basically I won't have to do much of anything, just answer phones,occasionally type up a letter or two, and greet anyone that comes into the office. Other than that I can read or do whatever I want to occupy my time. Except sleep. Apparently the last person they had slept all day and didn't wake up when the phone would ring. :) Sadly, they don't have internet access or I'd be in absolute heaven. But maybe I can work on them to get it eventually, if I stay there for awhile. The hours are 8am till 4:30, so it will be a bit of an adjustment since I generally go to bed around 4 am and sleep till noon but I'll be fine in a couple of days. I'll just have to get a routine set up for myself. I'm just so happy to have a reason to get up in the morning and to feel like a contributing member of society again. I didn't mind not working when I was going to school full time, but lately I've been feeling bad about myself and in need of something to give my life some structure. I hope it works out well. It will be nice to have some money again.

Dieting has been going pretty good, though I've been rather lax with my exercising and have just done the bare minimum to get by. I've got to work on that, make exercise more of a focal point instead of just obsessing on calorie intake.

Every day I feel better about myself and I feel so much happier. I feel like an active participant in my life where before I often felt helpless and castout. I see so much I want to improve, and yet instead of feeling despair at how far I need to climb to be the person that I want to be, I feel challenged and exhilarated. I'm begining to really enjoy the process. I have no idea where my life is headed but I feel I'm on the right path. I'm focusing on just taking one step at a time and loving each little milestone I pass.

As a reward for getting the job and for doing well on my diet I bought a calligraphy pen at Barnes and Noble. I adore pens, but I think I've mentioned my obsessive love for pens and journals and fancy paper before :). The pen I got is nice and I love the ink I bought with it, but it's not the one I truly want. I want a blue venetian glass one but it was too expensive. Maybe as a reward for a bigger hurdle, but not right now. Or possibly I'll look around on line and see if I can find something similar at a lower price. I'd like to get a collection of interesting calligraphy and fountain pens, as well as sealing wax and wax stamper. And more journals :).

I had a good time browsing around Barnes and Noble. For the first time ever I ventured into the computer section and was amazed by all the books. I need to learn more. I'm computer illiterate and in this day and age that's just not a good thing. J created a cool little program to inspire me to diet, with these little messages that pop up every hour and I couldn't get it installed properly for the longest time. I'd never have done it without him walking me through it step by step like a little kid. I know it had to frustrate him a little that I know absolutely nothing at all about my own computer. It is pretty silly since I spend so much time on line.

J is on line. Gotta run off and flirt. I also need to get things ready for starting work tomorrow. Time to do some laundry. UGH! See you all later.

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