Friday, April 4, 2003

Waiting for you (my newest lovepoem)

Where are you? I've been waiting patiently but you never come.
All my life I've searched for you.
My soul mate. My other half.
At times I wonder if you even exist
But my heart can feel you,
Begs for you across the distance that divides us.

We were together ages ago.
In other worlds and other lives I have been yours.
Our hearts beat in tandem.
We shared a pure and joyous completion.

But in this life, I was born in sadness,
born aching for you but afraid.
Lost and searching. Alone.
I have spent this life alone.
I miss you.

Was I born too early or to late to find you this time?
Maybe we met once in passing but missed our chance?
Where you the little boy that gave me my first kiss?
Or the one that broke my teenage heart?
Did I pass you last night on the highway?
Will I find you on line or at the mall or on vacation or in my own back yard?

Just know that I will spend my life searching for you.
I belong to you, and you to me.
Two halves of the same whole.
I love you, though I've never seen your face.
I can hear your soul whisper and I shiver.
Come to me soon. This waiting hurts so much.
But if I must, I will wait forever.
No one else can satisfy me. Complete me.
Only you.

(Edited Jan. 2007: I wrote this, and a few days later found myself talking online with my husband to be :). Sometimes when you put a wish out to the universe, it gets answered)

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