Friday, April 4, 2003

Matthew: An artist at work

My oldest nephew felt inspired to draw today. We were all sitting on my Grandma's porch chatting and enjoying the nice weather when he had to get up and sit on the hill across the yard because we were breaking his concentration. He said he needed to focus and be a part of nature. Weird little 8 year old isn't he? I adore him. He's always been a really creative kid and drawing is one of his favorite things. He says he's an artist and someday everyone is going to get to see his work. I love that. He dreams big. Last week he told me that he's writing a book. It's called Planet Fadem and it's science fiction but he wants to keep the story secret till he's finished. I asked my sister about it and she said he really has been writing a book and he's writing it in the Fadem language which is apparently made up of geometric shapes and unusual symbols. He plans to translate it into English once it's finished.

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