Thursday, April 24, 2003

a little quiz

If I were a _____ I would be ______

Stone- saphire
Tree- Is wisteria a tree or bush? Hmmm, if not that then dogwood
Bird- a white owl
Machine- I have no affinity for machines :(

Tool- hammer
Flower/plant- hyacinth
Weather-summer rain
Mythical creature- hard to choose, a silkie perhaps

Musical instrument- violin
Animal- A palomino pony or Tennesse Walker
Color- blue violet, periwinkle, lavendar tie
Emotion- empathy

Vegetable-any kind of peppers
Sound- a babbling brook
Element- wind
Car- Jeep Cherokee

Another person- Ekaterina Gordeeva
Movie- Enchanted April
Food- no idea, vanilla ice cream maybe
Place- a mountain top

Material-pink gingham
Taste- tofee
Religion- Animism
Philosophy- Transcendentalism
Word- hope

Object- a beautiful silver writing pen
Body part- tummy
Facial expression- smile
Academic subject- history

Cartoon character- The Princess, G-Force
Shape- star
Number- five
Month- May

Day of the week- Sunday
Time of day- gloaming/ twilight
Direction- north
Piece of furniture- hope chest

Sin- dispair
Historical figure- William Wordsworth
Liquid- sparkling water
Method of death- old age/ die in sleep

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