Thursday, April 10, 2003

A kitty, a new friend, and a day with Grandma

I have a kitty staging a sneak attack on me. For awhile he was rubbing around my feet but now he's decided to climb onto my shoulders from the back of my chair and sit, purring, on my head. He's also drooling, which is something he reserves just for me. Apparently, I'm his love muffin. If only I could inspire such adoration in men of MY OWN species. :)

I haven't been writing much lately, mainly because there isn't much to write about but also because I've been writing more to a new penpal. The beginning of friendships are such fun. I love the whole getting to know you phase. I'm a horribly curious (read incredibly nosey :) ) person and I do find other people and their lives fascinating. I suppose that's one of the reasons I'm addicted to online journals as well. I like getting a glimpse into lives so different from my own, and then discovering all the ways we're actually the same. My new penpal is very funny and interesting, quite a quirky charmer. Funniest thing is I don't even know his name yet! We've been emailing and chatting for about a week and I don't know anything beyond his first initial :). I do know that he's very cool though. I love talking to him.

Today was lovely. It's Thursday and as you all probably know by now, Thursdays are Grandma days. I took her to her doctors appointment and then out to do her shopping. I thought ahead this time and brought some of my favorite magazines with me to kill time while she was in with the doctor. So, instead of sitting in the waiting room miserable, I stayed outside enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and reading from my old Victoria Magazine collection. It was an inspired choice of magazines because I just happened to grab one devoted to Wordsworth (my favorite poet) and the lake district of England, a place I desperately want to visit. Just reading a few articles andpoems while looking at those glorious pictures made me feel serene and peaceful all day. True beauty does that to me. My moods can be very influenced by a beautiful view or a few words of heartfelt poetry or prose.

Maybe I'll create a photo montage of some of the images I enjoyed so much today, along with a Wordsworth poem or two. That would be a nice screen saver.

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