Saturday, April 19, 2003

Head over Heals

I'm so happy it's a little scary. :)

A big portion of the credit for my excellent mood rests with my new penpal J. I know it's much too early to get attached since we've only been chatting/writing for about 2 full weeks but I can't help really, really liking him. As we all know, I got burned a bit with an on line friendship recently so I'm trying to keep everything in perspective and focus on creating a strong friendship. It's just so nice to have a man in my life who's really there for me. He's interested in what I'm doing or thinking, he encourages me in improving myself, he tells me his honest opinions on things, and he makes me smile constantly. Plus everything about him charms me. God, I sound like a teenager with a crush :). We had our first phone conversation at midnight and I didn't hang up until around 6:00 am. It was lovely. It's nice to meet a man that engages me on every level.

I got a call around 10 am for a job interview. Everyone cross your fingers for me please! It's part time, at least 26 hrs a week, as a receptionist for a handy man service. The office is just 10 minutes from my house and the woman who spoke to me about coming in for an interview was extremely nice. The hours would work perfectly for me with school this fall. I hope I get it but I won't set my heart on it. It's just great to finally start getting calls for interviews. Maybe my luck is finally starting to turn. If I get the job I might even sign up for an extra class at college. I didn't get my Pell Grant this year because I don't need enough classes to finish what's required for my associates degree. Since I'm going to school part time I have to pay for the classes myself and as it stands I only have money for my Algebra class (boooo Algebra, curses! :( ). I'd like to take either a Geography class or a Lit class as well, just for fun. If I can get a job soon I'll sign up for one of them.

I'm sorry I haven't been updating much. Just know I'm fine and I check in with everyone's journals every day. I'm feeling too happy and too busy to get on and update much, but I'll work on doing better. I also need to write my other two penpals more regularly. I'm not giving as much attention to them as I should or would like. Life just rushes by and there's never enough time in the day.

Oh, I got Uncle Kracker's CD: No stranger to shame and I really like it. His music makes me want to dance and sing along, though I can't dance or sing. I was not born talented :).

See ya'll later.

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