Monday, April 14, 2003

Family and a friend

I completly dropped out of blurty over the weekend and didn't even check in to read my friends' journals, so once I finish my update I have tons of reading to do!:) I hope you all had a really great weekend.

My weekend was made 100% more enjoyable by my new penpal, J. We spent a lot of time (many hours in fact) instant messaging with eachother. He's a private person and doesn't give out a lot of personal information but we share a love of movies and bbc shows, have similar senses of humor and tastes in music, and really like to make each other smile. I especially like that he tells me his opinions on things, even if it disagrees with mine, and doesn't just tell me things he THINKS I want to hear. I like his honesty, humor, intelligence and that he makes me feel good about myself. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a long lasting friendship. I can always use more friends! :)

Today was a really top of the line day. My brother and sister in law (who celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary today) both arranged to have today off and kept their son out of school. My sister kept her sons home with her as well and all of them, along with my Mom and I, went to the Zoo and had dinner out together. The day was really beautiful and great fun. It was the first time we've all been to the zoo together in 13 years. For once my sister and brother got along perfectly. Everyone was in a great mood. Even the kids were pretty good, though by the end they were exhausted. It's a really big zoo and seems to be made up entirely of large hills. Off and on I found myself carrying my oldest nephew (the nearly 9 year old) around on my back. It was fine then but now my back is a touch sore. He's not a light weight but it was worth it. We got to talk a lot and I know the extra attention made him feel special. I took a bunch of pictures around the zoo, some of which I'll post here tomorrow I think. I tried to get my brother and sister to re-enact a picture taken of us beside the Great Ape statue from back when we were last there in our teens, but they refused. I guess they aren't as sentimental as I am :). Neither likes to have their picture taken but I'd have really loved one of the three of us together. It will probably be another 15 years before we all get back there again. After our day at the zoo we had dinner out at Ponderosa Steak House. We let the boys sit at a table by themselves and they were perfect angels. It was the cutest thing.

I'm home for the night and rather exhausted from the walking and also from not sleeping at all last night. I think I'll try hard to make it an early night but before I turn in I've got to get caught up with all of you and check my email. So, adios for now!

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