Tuesday, March 18, 2003

A day with my brother

I slept till about 2:30 this afternoon. I'd planned on getting up early and getting out to do some shopping but then I didn't finish reading until 6:30 this morning so I ended up sleeping for most of the day. I spent the afternoon with my brother and his 5 year old. His wife, Jammie, was working. Jammie seems much better since she moved back in this last time. It seems as if the reconciliation is agreeing with her. I think my brother is happier also, though with him it's harder to tell. He's not an especially demonstrative guy, unless you make him mad, then he can shot off fireworks! Bad tempers and dramatic, volatile personalities seem to run in my family.

My brother and I had a nice time out at West County Mall. Robert jr. was pretty well behaved considering we spent the whole time wandering around in very grown up stores where he wasn't allowed to touch anything. Mostly we just strolled around chatting. I'm really thankful that I get along so well with both my brother and sister. It's nice to be able to say that your siblings are also your best friends. I wonder if they feel the same about me? I think they do.

My favorite part of the day was an art gallery that we visited. I could spend hours browsing through art galleries. The colors were so incredibly vibrant. Some of the stuff was a bit too abstract for me but I still loved it just for the vibrancy. My nephew was so cute! He kept wandering around looking very serious at everything and saying that the paintings just didn't look real. The only painting he liked was a very realistic one of a bunch of boats. He said those were cool and that he loved the blue green color of the water because it looked like it had a light under it. I loved that a 5 year old was willing to critique art work! He has an opinion on everything, yet another family trait.

All in all it was a really nice afternoon spent in good company. What more can a person ask for in life?

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