Thursday, February 13, 2003

My sister

My sister got the results of her tests back this morning. I knew it had to be serious if they got back to her so quickly. She has an ulcer and a seriously inflammed gallbladder that has to come out immediately. Apparently she has so many gallstones that the doctor couldn't count them all, many of them are the size of golf balls and one or two the size of baseballs. If one of them were to pass into her pancreas (sp?) it could kill her. She has to see the doctor tomorrow to set up the appointment for the surgery, which could be scheduled as early as Friday or the beginning of next week.

I'm worried for her of course, even though this isn't a particularly unusual or delicate surgery it is still surgery and there could be complications. Plus, she's never had any kind of surgery before and who know's how her body will handle being put under anesthesia. It's scary. I love my sister and we've become close in the last 8 years. She's a good person and a great wife and mother. Well, it's best not to dwell on negative thoughts. I'm sure the surgery will be fine and it will be wonderful for her to finally get this taken care of. She's been in a lot of pain for at least 6 months.

If any of you are praying people, prayers would be appreciated :)

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