Wednesday, January 8, 2003

had a good day. Went shopping with Gram and had lunch. bought some really cute pink pajamas on sale for $7. Started work on another webpage, skating related. Should have answered the Englishman's (my penpal) email but didn't get around to it. I'll have to do that tomorrow morning.

Recently I had an IM conversation with a young writer that I find immensely stimulating, interesting, and compelling. We've talked before,sporadically. He's just, to use a high school term. It's appropriate because the last time I felt fellings like this was in high school. NO, These are not romantic feelings. What I mean is hard to explain. Do you remember being 15 and the gods smile on you, bringing someone into your realm of existence that seems smarter, cooler, funnier, more talented than anyone you know. Someone different, the kind of person you wish you were? Well that's how I feel when I talk to this person. It made me realize that there is no one in my everyday life who brings out those kinds of feelings. There is no one I get a thrill out of talking to in my everyday existence. Someone that inspires me to think outside my normal little box. There are several people on line whom I consider friends but I think I need real life friends. Not just aquaintances, but people who excite and challenge me. People, outside my family, that I want to share opinions and thoughts with. People I'd like to hang out with. Problem is, I have NO IDEA how to make friends. I can count on one hand (with a finger left over) how many friends I've actually had in my life. So, how does one stop being a loner and make friends?

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