Monday, January 6, 2003

Buying pens & my sister

Yesterday was nice. I went out as I said I would. First stop was Barnes and Noble. I was looking for a book by Madeleine L'Engle which an online friend suggested I read, but of course they didn't have it. They also didn't have the other books I was hoping to find. Still, I love being surrounded by all those books. I'm in heaven whenever I enter a library or bookstore. After B&N I went to K-mart to try on clothes but didn't find anything I truly loved and couldn't live without. So instead of a new shirt, I bought a package of legal pads in a pretty rose color and a package of new ink pens(a big splurge for me, all of $8) . I'm very particular about the paper and pens I use. It's one of my weird little idosyncrasies. Yet, being cheap by both nature and necessity, I refuse to spend a lot of money on either. Currently my favorite cheap pens are Focus Gel pens. They have a fairly fine point (an absolute must for me!) and they write smoothly but don't smear or run the way many gel pens do. Buying paper and pens makes me happy.

My sister was sweet today. She was here waiting to pick her oldest up from school and I mentioned I wanted a soda but didn't feel like going to get one. She stopped on her way home, got me a soda and brought it back. She's great that way. Always ready to do some nice little thing for someone for no reason. She has a generous nature. Goofy, moody, dramatic, warm, funny, outrageous, generous and generally crazy: that's my sister. She's cool. I'm lucky I guess. Even if we weren't family I'd still want to hang out with my sister, mom, and brother. I consider them friends and I like them almost as much as I love them. We all have our faults and weirdnesses but they blend well together.

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