Saturday, December 7, 2002

Two of my favorite boys spent the night yesterday. My third favorite boy's mother decided to send him over to her family for the night, despite that this is my brother's week with him. Even though Robert wasn't here we all had a good time. Matthew and Halen brought movies with them and we ordered in pizza, so it was a good old fashioned slumber party. Usually Matthew sleeps with me in my room (he's always been my best bud) but since Robert wasn't here to keep Halen company he had to sleep in the living room with his brother and was a little disappointed. To make him feel better I got my old stuffed animals out and let him sleep with them. Since this is a very rare treat, he was happy. My poor stuffed animals probably weren't though :) Matthew peed on them! I hope the poor things can survive a washing. They're both nearly 30 years old and practically loved to death. I've had them since I was a newborn.

I had to get up early this morning to get to the post office before it closed at noon. I sent out the Englishman's gift and a package to my russian friend. Shipping to foreign countries is so incredibly high! One year I sent my russian friend a small box of videos and it cost me $53 dollars. Having friends so far away can cause complications.

It's now around 12:30 Saturday afternoon and in a little while I'm going out to do more Christmas shopping. My Mom needs me to run her to a few stores (she doesn't have a car) and I have a couple of things to pick up myself. I wish I had more money. I love buying gifts but my budget doesn't allow for me to splurge much. I'm basically done with my Christmas shopping but now I need to pick up cards, wrapping paper, etc.

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