Friday, November 8, 2002

Whispering to trees

I've had a decent day today. Nothing especially that I want to talk about but just very pleasant. Day 2 of my diet went easily, no cravings and I did the exercise tape again. Calorie intake was 650 and I drank 5 glasses of water. Considering I loathe water and would prefer to have Pepsi on a continuous intravenous drip permanently attached to my arm, I consider 5 glasses of water to be a miraculous achievement! I haven't heard from one of my pen pals in about 12 days. He gets moody sometimes and doesn't feel like writing. If I haven't heard from him by the end of the week I need to send an e-card and find out what's up. Hightlight of the day was driving by this pond on my way to school and the sun was shining on the water making it look like it was shimmering and dancing. The pond looked happy. It's a pretty little pond, yet most of the time it seems lonely. It needs attention. No one ever walks around it or has picnics beside it. I think that's sad. I know, I'm a nut, but I still feel trees, plants, even ponds have a life force and an aura. It carries over from my childhood when one of my best "friends" was a tree in my back yard that I would climb up in and tell all my secrets too. Sometimes I pass that tree and I wonder if it misses me, misses having little kids climb it's branches and laugh happily. I always whisper hello to that tree.

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