Saturday, November 23, 2002

My Anti-Drinking rant

I'd rather see all the money poured into the anti- smoking campaigns directed towards anti-drinking messages. I'm not a smoker, actually I'm mildly allergic to cigarette smoke, and I think cigarettes are nasty and awful. I don't support smoking at all, but if tax money is being spent to eliminate destructive vices then I'd prefer that it go towards alcohol awareness. Cigarettes are gross & very damaging to your health but they don't lead to families of four being killed while innocently driving home. Alcohol does. It has also been linked to spousal and child abuse, rape, and violent behaviour, not to mention crime. No one needs to drink. People say "It relaxes me", "It's my right to drink", "It's fun". CRAP. If you're so tense you have to drink, you need to change your life. If you can't have fun without a drink then you're pathetic. And it may be your right to put alcohol into your body, but it's not your right to let it affect other people. If your drinking in any way mildly inconveniences anyone, be it just that you annoy someone with your silliness while drunk, then it's not your right. Alcohol is a poison which negatively affects your body and can lead to some seriously bad behavior. Cut it out. And for all the social drinkers or those of you who only have a beer now and again, every time you buy one you are supporting an industry that contributes to crime, death, pain, and suffering. It's the exact same thing as those anti-drug messages that show the kid buying pot and how one simple little joint can lead to supporting crime and terrorism. Every time you buy alcohol you are keeping those beer companies in business, you are helping to make it easier for the man down the street to get plastered and beat his wife, or for the neighbor lady to abuse her children. I hope your little night cap is really worth it.

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