Wednesday, October 9, 2002


Hi! This is the first entry for my journal and I'm not quite sure yet what I should be writing about. Since other people could possibly read this I should probably try to sound interesting and intelligent, but then why be false :) ? It's probably best just to write whatever's on my mind at the moment and let the chips fall where they may. More than likely people will be so bored with my inane ramblings that they won't read more than one or two entries anyway.

Okay, for future reference of anyone reading this journal I am a single female, 30 yrs old at the moment, and I live with my parents while I'm back in school studying to become a teacher. I'm nearly finished with my sophomore year at a local community college. I would have finished earlier and gone on to a bigger university but I'm having problems with Algebra, the bane of my existence. I loathe all forms of mathematics and truly believe that I have a Math learning disability :) . Which basically just means that I SUCK AT MATH !!! In just a few days I will start back to school. I have to take Intermediate Algebra this semester and then in January I'll take College Algebra. Once I pass both of those courses I'll be able to graduate with my associates degree in Education and I'll try to transfer to the University of Missouri, if I can get into the school of education (and if I can get financial aid!). I'm not working at the moment because school has been my main focus for the past year and a half but now that I'm going to school part time I'm going to start looking for a part time job as well. It'll be nice to have money coming in, even the small amount I could manage to earn at a part time job. Besides school and looking for work, my life mainly centers around my family: my brother,sister, parents and 3 nephews . I'm sure that I'll be writing about them alot!

Alright, that's a brief introduction to my life. Lets see how this looks on the web page. Time to upload it!

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