Saturday, October 12, 2002

My day in review

Okay, my day started out badly. As I suspected, Algebra sucked and I am officially math retarded. To make it even more enjoyable there isn't a single person over 19 in my class and apparently every single one of them went to school together so it's like some bizarre little class reunion. Yet again I felt like a total outsider, but that's the story of my life. I spent most of the class being forced to listen to this teeny bopper whining because her parent's won't pay for her trip to the Bahamas. They're making the poor little darling go to Cancun instead. I wish my life were that hard. GOD do I sound bitter???!!

I got home and took my Mom out for her shopping. I get along really well with my Mom so I enjoy going out with her, but I must admit I'm a little sick of the grocery stores. On Thursdays I spend the afternoons taking my Grandma from one store to another (and usually to various doctors appointments) and on Fridays I do the shopping with my Mom. I'm not really complaining though. I love my family and I'm happy to help out where I can.

On the way home from the store we stopped by my sister's new house. It's a great place only about 5 minutes drive from our house. My sister is depressed. She hates that they're just renting the house instead of buying but they couldn't get a bank to give them a loan. We had a nice visit and I got to spend a few minutes with my two nephews. Her oldest boy has been my little darling since he was born. I was one of his favorite people in the world but now that he's 8 he's begun to pull away. He's much more interested in hanging out with the other boys in his neighborhood, which is perfectly natural. Apparently, Aunts just aren't cool. I expected it to happen but I thought I'd have a few more years. His little brother and my other nephew still think I'm the greatest though, which is nice. I really ought to get a kid of my own someday. They're adorable little beasts! :)

Back to my day. I got home, watched Buffy, had dinner (Twinkies and Chocolate milk, I'm the most unhealthy person on the planet!), spent some time talking to Mom and then I came in my room and began cleaning crap from my computer hard drive. I spent 4 hours transfering stuff from my hard drive to disks. There are 2,365 items in my recycle bin folder and I'm still not done!! I've been sitting in this chair so long my bottom has gone numb. I think I'd better get off line and get to bed. It's around midnight and I'm starting to get a little tired. I've got tons of boring chores to get done (not to mention dreaded Algebra homework), so I'm not really looking forward to this weekend.

I wonder if anyone ever reads what I write? If so they've probably been bored to death. goodnight

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