Thursday, October 17, 2002

Favorite things

Just reminding myself of all the things I love and am grateful for: MY Favorite Things..........

Figure skating, Very hot bubble baths, Christmas, Romance,
Star Gazer Lilies,ANGEL, Velvet, Butterflies, Star filled winter nights,
Pink roses,Rainstorms, Show tunes, FAMILY, Purple pansies,
Sea shells, Old Things, Cozy fuzzy sweaters, Good ink pens,
Handwritten letters, Good manners, VICTORIA MAGAZINE, Photos,
Laughter, Holding Hands, Scented candles, Lilac, Honeysuckle,
Early morning dew, Formal dances, the color blue violet, FAITH,
hardwood floors, ice cream, INNOCENCE, serenity, Halloween,
patch work quilts, White and yellow daisies, interesting Names,
BOOKS, kindness, picnics, musical theater, fairy tales, sleeping late,
far off places, CHILDREN, old movies, KISSING, cameo jewelry, Hats,
Men that smell great, DAYDREAMS, good health, lots of pillows,
sleeping naked, smiles, making scrap books, The Muny Opera,
running thru water sprinklers, PASSION, the TV show Northern
Exposure, anything sentimental, craft fairs, Antique Malls, taffeta,
foreign accents, MY NEPHEWS, going to movies, MY NAME, Old houses,
Thomas Kincaid?s art, old cemeteries, HISTORY, romance novels,
COOL WEATHER, anything from the British isles, bookstores, sunshine,
birds singing, cuckoo clocks, PLAYFULLNESS, sewing, fried chicken,
PEPSI, pearls, gnomes and fairies, chocolate icing on yellow cake,
silver jewelry, Astrology, Tulips, violin music, self help books, SEX,
public television, Katia Gordeeva, feeling sexy, WEDDINGS, gardens,
interior decorating, shopping, Lawrence Llywellyn Bowen, ragdolls,
Mary Englebriet?s art, ECCENTRICITIES, poise and dignity under
duress, TAsha Tudor?s lifestyle, physical and spiritual grace,
SAPPHIRES, fresh smelling laundry, wind chimes, FALLING IN LOVE,
snow, people that can laugh at themselves, blue jeans, Shakespeare,
Beethoven?s Moonlight Sonata, hot rock music, RAINBOWS, toys,
HUGS, a clean house, cool showers, PENPALS, long fingernails,
Wordsworth?s poems, children?s books, free spirits, SILLINESS, talking
with family, JOY, romantic cards, pre Raphaelite art, School, life,
a gorgeous view, BRITISH MEN, beeswax candles, polished rocks, CREATIVITY,


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